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My pages are also available in Norwegian versions.
(Relax; they look just the same...)


Stian Søiland's home pages were first released 1st June 1996 12:00.
They were last updated 27th May 1996 11:40.

Plain Text Editor

Here they are... My long awaited home pages.. (Yeah, right...) I've made them all from scratch... with a plain text editor, some graphical programs, and the excellent help file from the HTML editor HotDog Pro. (Of course I did not actually use the HTML-editor...)

Help Wanted!

I would really appreciate if somebody would help me with my home pages. For instance, I would like to know how to use a different background (image or color) in tables.
Suggestions and critics for my design (i.e. background graphics; colors; images; tables; HTML-syntax) are also welcome.

Guest Book

I don't know how to make a guest book .. :'( Anyone who want's to help me? I would very much like if I could change the design of the guest book, and it should not be sloow accessing...


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